Kamyshlov Electrotechnical Plant
+7 (499) 266-69-96
1–33, plot 1, Letchika Babushkina str., Moscow, Russia, 129344

Kamyshlov Electrotechnical Plant

Kamyshlov Electrotechnical Plant is the largest manufacturer of relay devices and wayside signalling equipment.

Core competencies:

  • small-sized plug-in relays
  • electromagnetic code transmitters
  • relay test benches
  • electric interlocking blocks of the executive group
  • ATP equipment
  • industrial batteries
  • modernized cabinets
  • unified cable cabinets
  • heating control systems for switch machines
  • level-crossing blocking devices
  • EI-ТМ transportable modules
  • Level-crossing attendant’s posts
  • other types of relay devices and wayside signaling equipment
6, Farforistov str., Kamyshlov, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia, 624864
+7 (34375) 2-31-80, +7 (34375) 2-49-85

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The plant has a closed production cycle and uses all types of modern technologies. The product line includes over 3,000 items.